About The Hydrogen Podcast

Paul Rodden

Why hydrogen? I’m asked that question often from those with whom I’m consulting. And it’s a valid question. What makes hydrogen such an interesting topic and why do I believe there is so much potential in the hydrogen market.

For me, the interest in hydrogen began when I was reading a Popular Mechanics article on the development of fuel cells. This was back in the mid 90’s and spoke of a skate board fuel cell design where the owner could change the shell of the vehicle depending on the needs of the day. I thought that was the most amazing thing I had ever heard of. That article stayed with me, nestled in some dark corner of my brain, while I went through college and several jobs.

Occasionally I would come across a blip on fuel cells from a Top Gear episode or read about potential fuel cell vehicles in development in Japan. But never any big news. Nothing like what is happening today.
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The Hydrogen Podcast Origin Story


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