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Paul Rodden - The Hydrogen Podcast Host

The Hydrogen Podcast

Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! This show is for energy investors and analysts who want to learn about how hydrogen is driving the evolution of energy. We will drill down into the hydrogen market and discuss where capital is being deployed and where financial opportunities are developing. Learn from Paul Rodden, the hydrogen consulting expert that is on the speed dial of billionaire oil magnates and is dialed in to the advances and financial opportunities that hydrogen presents in the energy market. Inside each episode, Paul interviews thought leaders who are invested in the future of energy and driving the hydrogen market to new heights. He also shares his insights on the current opportunities and developments with complete transparency. From overall strategy, to future casting, to lessons learned, Paul will be your guide as you explore the concept of hydrogen as a fuel source, the advancements in the industry (present and future), and the economic opportunities that are available for potential investors.

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The Audience

In order to maintain a specific and targeted audience, we employ organic growth techniques to promote The Hydrogen Podcast. We rely on word of mouth, exceptional content and analysis of the hydrogen industry to connect with our audience and build relationships. We have seen explosive global growth since the inception of the podcast and based on our audience feedback and engagement (including fan mail), we are answering the needs of our target audience.

Target Demographics

Industry Sectors Primarily Include: Oil & Energy, Financial, Renewables & Environment, Civil Engineering, Construction, Publishing, Tech.

Decision Makers

Our Audience Trends Toward C-Suite Level Experience In All Industry Sectors

Global Reach

Location Analytics show that the United States, Europe and Australia are the primary listener base.

Unique Perspective

A unique perspective on the financial analysis of the hydrogen economy allows us to help our audience realize the potential of hydrogen

The Host

Paul Rodden The Host of The Hydrogen Podcast

Paul Rodden has 20 years in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data management, and business development primarily focused on the oil and gas and energy industries.  His recent professional associations have been with Silverbow Resources, Guggenheim Securities, Gulf Energy, and WSB Associates.  Although his day to day activities have centered around traditional energy, the economics of the Hydrogen industry has always been a topic of interest. In March of 2020 he worked alongside Exxon’s hydrogen team to develop the world’s first commercial hydrogen dataset. During the development cycle of the dataset, Paul gained unique insights into the hydrogen market and its rise as the energy transition leader. This led Paul to begin consulting on hydrogen opportunities and connecting operators and investors with potential hydrogen solutions. He is also the host of The Hydrogen Podcast where he speaks to the continuing development of the industry and gives unique insights into the market, overviews of hydrogen economics, and new technologies that are ongoing in the space.

Release Schedule & Accessibility

The Hydrogen Podcast premiered on March 28th, 2021. Since then, more than 200 episodes and interviews have been released.

The podcast currently runs bi-weekly with a Special Interview Series that is TBD. New episodes are aired Monday and Thursday of every week.

Written transcriptions are made available for every episode to ensure the show is accessible.


Apple Podcasts #1 Ranking

Apple Podcasts #1 Ranking In Hydrogen

The Hydrogen Podcast #8 - Earth Sciences Category

The Hydrogen Podcast #8 – Earth Sciences

Total downloads to date: 335,909

YouTube to date: 52,150

Monthly downloads (last 30 days): 14,457

Average download per episode (within first 30 days): 1,344 (est)

Audience: Global audience in more than 50 countries (top 10: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, India, France, Netherlands, Singapore)

Ratings: 5-star ratings on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc

We have seen explosive global growth since inception of The Hydrogen Podcast. Our audience is engaged, passionate about hydrogen and savvy to hydrogen’s potential.

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Podcast Press Release

The host will read your hydrogen related press release that you provide on air and give analysis of the news.

Podcast Episode

The host will devote an entire podcast to your company. He will read 2-3 hydrogen related press releases provided or focus on a singular hydrogen related topic

CEO Interview

Create and record a 30-minute interview through a Teams meeting. Will publish as part of our special interview series and post the video (with highlight clips) to YouTube. This interview will be based around hydrogen related topic(s) that the CEO wants to talk about and promote.

Company Highlight Interview

Create and record a 10–15-minute interview through a Teams meeting. Will publish as part of our special interview series and post the video (with highlight clips) to YouTube. This interview will be based around one hydrogen related topic that the CEO wants to talk about and promote.

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