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THP-E168: Hydrogen Is About To Disrupt Legacy Power Stations In The US. Also, An Amazing Milestone For Hydrogen Aviation Was Just Achieved.

December 01, 2022 • Paul Rodden • Season: 2022 • Episode: 168 Listen Now: >Direct Link To The Hydrogen Podcast MP3< Listen On Your Favorite App: Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! In episode 168, Rolls Royce decides to set off with a technology revolution in hydrogen. And entergy Texas gets approved for a hydrogen enabled … Read more

THP-E61: Hydrogen News from UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 That Will Dramatically Speed Up Energy Transition. Also, Monster Deal Between UK and Australia Companies Means Hydrogen Will Flow… The Big Question Is How Much Will It Cost Consumers To Get It

November 04, 2021 • Paul Rodden • Season: 2021 • Episode: 61 Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! In episode 061, Consensus over hydrogen at COP 26 can dramatically speed up energy transition. And big news is Fortescue future industries signs up major deal with JCB and Ryze Hydrogen. All of this on today’s COP 26 … Read more