Paul Eremenko

THP-E50: Universal Hydrogen Takes A Major Step In The Adoption Of Hydrogen As a Fuel Source For The Aviation Industry. Baker Hughes Makes An Extremely Interesting Point In A Talk About Energy Transition And A Company Took A Bold Step To Acquire An Exclusive License To Produce Clear Hydrogen

September 27, 2021 • Paul Rodden • Season: 2021 • Episode: 50 Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! In episode 050, UPC hydrogen acquires exclusive license in Asia Pacific region from Proton Technologies. Universal Hydrogen announces new engineering Development Center located in Toulouse, France, the heart of European aviation, the CEO of Baker Hughes discusses energy … Read more

THP-E32: The Nespresso Business Model Gets Applied To The Hydrogen Aviation Industry. Hyzon Motors Is In The Drivers Seat And It Sounds Like A European Company Is All In On Blue Hydrogen

July 26, 2021 • Paul Rodden • Season: 2021 • Episode: 32 Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! In episode 032 , Universal hydrogen selling conversion kits for commercial air travel, Hyzon Motors getting even more traction. And Equinor likes the future of blue hydrogen beyond 2050. All of this on today’s hydrogen podcast. Thank you … Read more