THP-E317: Action Packed Week For Chart, Repsol, First Hydrogen, Total Energies Verbund and Toyota. Find Out Why

Paul Rodden • Season: 2024 • Episode: 317 Listen Now: >Direct Link To The Hydrogen Podcast MP3< Listen On Your Favorite App: Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! In episode 317, It’s a big news week for hydrogen as Chart, Repsol, First Hydrogen, Totaal Energies Verbund and Toyota all announced big hydrogen projects and collaborations. I’ll … Read more

THP-E44: Photoelectrocatalysis And Nano Technology Will Turn Green Hydrogen On Its Head. Also, Plug Power Stock Is Up Big… Find Out Why It Matters To The Hydrogen Industry. All Hands On Deck For Hydrogen

September 06, 2021 • Paul Rodden • Season: 2021 • Episode: 44 Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! In episode 044, New technology by Repsol looks to make direct solar to hydrogen commercially viable by 2030. Plug Power stock gaining momentum again and the CEO of DNV talks about the need for both blue and green … Read more