THP-E116: Raven SR Is Headed Down Under. HH2E Shares The Good News And Bayotech Is Scaling Up After A Big Order

May 19, 2022 • Paul Rodden • Season: 2022 • Episode: 116

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Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast!

In episode 116, Raven SR makes a huge announcement in Australia, HH2E gets some big funding, and Bayotech is getting some big orders on their hydrogen transport trailers. All this on today’s hydrogen podcast.

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Raven SR makes a huge announcement in Australia, HH2E gets some big funding, and Bayotech is getting some big orders on their hydrogen transport trailers. All this on today’s hydrogen podcast.

So the big questions in the energy industry today are, how is hydrogen the primary driving force behind the evolution of energy? Where is capital being deployed for hydrogen projects globally? And where are the best investment opportunities for early adopters who recognize the importance of hydrogen? I will address the critical issues and give you the information you need to deploy capital. Those are the questions that will unlock the potential of hydrogen and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Paul Rodden, and welcome to the hydrogen podcast.

In a press release on May 16, Raven SR signs MOU with Gevolve Solutions and expands its global hydrogen footprint into Australia with First Nations majority owned company. Raven Sr, which is a renewable fuels Company announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Gevolve Solutions, a majority owned First Nations owned company in Australia to provide opportunities for indigenous people to continue to lead in the energy transition towards a lower carbon future, with Raven SR as Gevolve Solutions sole International partner for waste to hydrogen. The MOU establishes a collaborative relationship between the two companies for the development of a hydrogen and synthetic fuels production network utilizing Raven SR proprietary non combustion steam co2 technology. The initial project will be the establishment of a major regional waste hydrogen facility in Western Australia, followed by additional regional facilities in remote and regional areas before expanding into other states and territories of Australia.

And a quote from Matt Murdock, Raven SR CEO. As Raven SR continues to expand globally with our non combustion renewable hydrogen process. We are excited for our venture into Australia. Through our partnership with Gevolve Solutions. We respect its community values and emphasis on the importance of environmental responsibility and energy independence. He continues by saying our scalable Waste to Energy Design will provide for local production and local use across Australia and beyond. Gevolve Solutions will support local indigenous owned businesses and workforces by providing the development planning and regulatory approvals, procurement, local fabrication and construction services for the waste of hydrogen sites. And in a quote from Benny Eggmolesse, Gevolve Chairperson and Director Gevolve Solutions believes that success of delivering a greener future tomorrow comes with our ability to collaborate and share innovation today. We seek to ensure the protection and preservation of our land, people and culture.

We are truly blessed to partner with Raven Sr, who has led with great determination and action to advanced technology that will revolutionize how we manage waste across the planet and complement what we are doing to reduce our carbon emissions in Australia. Now Raven SRS technology is designed to produce more renewable hydrogen per ton of waste than competing processes. Revenue SRs process can produce other renewable energy products that help lower emissions such as synthetic liquid fuels, additives and solvents, electricity via micro turbines and sustainable aviation fuel. Okay, so a big announcement from Raven Sr, as they’re moving way over to Australia to implement their waste to hydrogen technology. Now we here at the hydrogen podcast, I’ve had a long relationship with Raven Sr. And we are very excited to hear about this news.

And the fact is, it really makes a lot of sense to start moving over to Australia. Seeing as how that country’s embrace of hydrogen is really leading the world. And I have to be honest, I’m very excited to see just where this location is going to be in relation to some of the other electrolysis projects going on in Western Australia. But for now, at least, this project seems like an absolute homerun for Raven Sr. Next and another press release HH2E concludes equity raising round with HydrogenOne and Foresight and secures funding agreement for five large scale projects. HH2E AG is pleased to announce definitive agreements with

HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc and funds managed by Foresight Group LLP for the acquisition of minority equity stakes and HH2E expected to total at least 12 million euros hydrogen one and foresight each have the right to a supervisory board seat at HH2E. HH2E has developed a cutting edge new generation power station. The HH2E work can operate with a limited number of hours a day of renewable power as input in order to supply a constant flow of carbon free power, green hydrogen and heat being able to use only the energy generated in the hours with lower energy prices. Its operating cost base is competitive. Foresight and HydrogenOne have also signed a framework agreement to co invest in HH2E’s projects directly there will provide a substantial part of the development and construction capital covering five large projects.

These projects are expected to be at industrial locations across Germany and will cost an excess of 500 million euros to fully develop the HH2E founders and executive board members Alexander Voigt, Andreas Schierenbeck and Mark Page, welcome the new shareholders and are excited to work with HydrogenOne and Foresight on the HH2E growth plan. Alexander Voigt said when creating HH2E, We wanted to build a business capable of making 100% renewable energy dream possible. Today our purpose became even more relevant as HH2E business activities can also help Germany reduce its energy import needs. With price parity in mind while fighting global warming. Andreas Schierenbeck added Germany has one of the largest industrial and manufacturing sectors in the world. Leaders in these sectors know they must secure the supply of energy control energy costs, and find low or zero carbon solutions soon. Green hydrogen is the best fastest and most economic form of replacing natural gas. In industries that cannot operate in an all electric basis.

HH2E will be producing green hydrogen located close to the industries that need it. And in a quote from Mark Page, we’re delighted to have two substantial institutional investors in the green energy space backing our growth plans. This financing agreement enables a massive acceleration of our development plans and a substantial portion of the 2.7 billion euros we expect to deploy on sites in the next five to six years. Now over the next few years, the emphasis will be on decarbonizing existing industrial sites, but over time HH2E will also develop greenfield projects. HH2E has already identified several potential multi gigawatt investment opportunities in Germany. Simon Hogan, Chairman of HydrogenOne said HH2E is hydrogen one’s second investment into a clean hydrogen developer company. HH2E are identifying substantial clean hydrogen projects in Germany, which offer the potential for significant investment there for our shareholders.

And in a quote from Matt Hammond partner at foresight group Germany represents an attractive market given the commitment by its industrial base to decarbonize with green energy, and especially given the strong political support to build a green hydrogen economy. HH2E is well positioned to take a leading role in this market, and we are excited to be supporting the company and delivering this ambition. Right now Germany is aiming to get almost 100% of its electricity from renewables by 2035. Making the development of renewable power generation and green hydrogen industry’s top priority for the country in the decades to come. Until 2030. The German government targets to reach a generation capacity of 360 gigawatts of wind and solar power and the installation of 10 gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity.

And now a little background about HH2E. There are a green energy company founded in Germany with their technology mix looking to transform a variable input of sun or wind energy into a constant flow of price competitive green hydrogen, heat and carbon free electricity, this to support local industries and municipalities. Okay, so a big win for HH2E. And it’s great to see that hydrogen one has added a second hydrogen company to their portfolio list. And from what I can tell HH2E looks to be a very solid investment. I’m also excited to see that the foresight group has invested in this also seeing as how they have a long history of solid private equity investment. This takes them in a bit of a new direction by investing in a Solid Energy Transition company. So a big congratulations to HH2E, getting two very solid financial backers as they move forward. And lastly, on a press release on May 10 Bayotech receives orders for 12 Hydrogen transport trailers from leading global industrial gas companies. Bayotech, which is an innovator in hydrogen solutions is announcing a recent order for 12 Hyfill hydrogen transport trailers from three of the world’s leading industrial gas companies. biotechs transport trailers will be used to deliver high pressure gaseous hydrogen to support motive and stationary fuel cell applications in California.

The trailers will be manufactured at Bayotech’s tulsa oklahoma facility for delivery within four months using their proprietary quick turn manufacturing process and a quote from Michael Koonce Bayotech’s president we are thrilled and yet humbled to continue to be selected to partner with these multinational industrial gas suppliers to support the growth of their hydrogen distribution networks. Our high pressure hydrogen transports safely move more hydrogen per load than traditional methods. Using type three composite cylinders. Bayotech’ gas transport trailers carry up to three times more hydrogen per load than traditional steel tube trailers.

This higher payload means more sites can be refueled from each trailer, lowering transportation costs and increasing driver productivity. The lightweight trailers are compact in size and easily navigate Tight spaces when delivering hydrogen to retail hydrogen refueling stations or fuel cell systems supporting critical communications infrastructure. Continuing the quote from Michael Koonce, we are experiencing record growth and demand for our high pressure transport trailers as fuel cell power systems and vehicles are deployed throughout the United States. Trailers can be quickly customized by our in house design and fabrication team to meet each customer’s unique needs and delivered to customers within a matter of months. Bayotech is an experienced and trusted supplier to industrial gas suppliers. With more than 600 high pressure gas transport and storage systems delivered since 2001. industrial gas distributors look to Bayotech for customizable solutions

that feature biotechs, proprietary valves and thermal protection systems. These devices are integrated into Bayotechs compressed gas transport and storage solutions, enabling higher gas utilization and exceptional safety. Premier Safety features include rapidly ventilating systems, proprietary thermally activated pressure relief devices, welded manifold connection for leak prevention and emergency shutdown systems. Okay, so just a quick press release from Bayotech, but an important one nonetheless. Now, I’m not surprised to see that these trailers are going to California but I would like to know who these three companies are that are buying these trailers. Now it’s also important to note that Bayotech is not just a hydrogen transportation company. They also manufacture hydrogen and are looking to build out hydrogen hubs in North America and Europe.

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