THP-E245: Introducing The H2 Advantage: Unlock The Hydrogen Location Analytics Site Selection Software From Key Hydrogen

Paul Rodden • Season: 2023 • Episode: 245

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Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast!

In episode 245, On today’s show, I get to share a huge announcement about something that means a great deal to me and something I believe will help drive the hydrogen economy into the future. All of this on today’s hydrogen podcast.

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On today’s show, I get to share a huge announcement about something that means a great deal to me and something I believe will help drive the hydrogen economy into the future. All of this on today’s hydrogen podcast.

So the big questions in the energy industry today are, how is hydrogen the primary driving force behind the evolution of energy? Where is capital being deployed for hydrogen projects globally? And where are the best investment opportunities for early adopters recognize the importance of hydrogen? I will address the critical issues and give you the information you need to deploy capital. Those are the questions that will unlock the potential of hydrogen. And this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Paul Rodden and welcome to the hydrogen podcast.

Hi, everyone, today’s show is going to be a bit different because today I get to read you a press release from Key Hydrogen. Now, Key Hydrogen was started by myself and William Rutledge for us to be able to help advance the hydrogen economy in ways beyond what we could do with this podcast. And today we have released our first press release for The H2 Advantage. I am so excited to be able to announce this on today’s show and to discuss why we’ve launched this product. And so with that, here’s the release. In a press release on September 11. Key Hydrogen launches The H2 Advantage, a premier hydrogen location Analytics site selection software. Key hydrogen, an innovator of hydrogen intelligence solutions announced today the official launch of the h2 advantage, a hydrogen market analysis tool. The h2 Advantage incorporates proprietary mapping datasets with a powerful visual mapping software to create global geospatial maps that will give a clear competitive advantage to energy companies and investors seeking guidance on feedstock availability, off taker opportunities and the best hydrogen location analytics to maximize project profitability. And a quote from Paul Rodden, a senior partner at Key Hydrogen and the host of the hydrogen podcast. The h2 Advantage flips site selection on its head.

It’s a market analysis tool that will give you a roadmap to navigate the global hydrogen economy. We translate data into actionable intelligence and the h2 Advantage grows with you from a site selection tool into an asset management tool as your projects mature. Benefit highlights of the h2 advantage platform include: Legacy energy producers who can analyze asset portfolios for optimal hydrogen transition, highlighting the best financial return locations and nearby offtake opportunities.

It also helps hydrogen developers as they get a global view of the hydrogen landscape, pinpointing ideal development locations and infrastructure insights. It also emphasizes renewable power options for projects with additionality requirements. It also helps financial advisors as they navigate the hydrogen market, assess potential offtake opportunities and estimate derivative cash flows and also helps new tech companies as they select sites for demos and pilots to asset management for System Monitoring and growth. The h2 advantage scales with your growth trajectory. It helps decarbonizing industries as they identify nearest hydrogen sources to kickstart their decarbonisation objectives. And it helps service companies as they explore the spectrum of opportunities across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors in the hydrogen market.

As the global shift towards clean energy solutions accelerates the necessity for advanced tools to navigate the hydrogen economy becomes evident. The h2 advantage by key hydrogen stands at the forefront of this transformation. Offering unprecedented insights that empower companies to make informed and lucrative decisions as industries grapple with the challenges of site selection and asset management, The H2 Advantage promises to be an indispensable ally driving efficiency and profit while aligning with a global ambition of a cleaner, greener future. This launch solidifies key hydrogens commitment to innovation in the hydrogen sector and its contribution to the energy community. For more information on The H2 advantage or to schedule a demonstration, please contact William Rutledge at Okay, so for those of you who have been regular listeners to the podcast, you know that recently I’ve spoken several times about the need for location analytics in the hydrogen industry.

Well, I decided it was finally time to marry my passion for the hydrogen economy with my extensive experience in location analytics. Now as I mentioned earlier, I started key hydrogen with my good friend and business partner William Rutledge. We both firmly believe in the benefits of hydrogen and the prominent role it will play in the energy transition. And during this time that we’ve been running this company, we’ve made some incredible relationships in the industry. And I’ve done a ton of work behind the scenes to connect companies, individuals and government entities to help grow their hydrogen vision. And based on our conversations with thought leaders in the industry, we’ve identified the major challenges that needed to be addressed specifically feedstock availability, hydrogen project logistics, transportation, and securing reliable offtakers are the main concerns facing our industry.

The h2 advantage is our contribution to the hydrogen community. And I’ve focused my 23 years of GIS experience managing energy sector, geographic assets, and dedicated three years of my time into this tool, and I’m excited to share it with you. This software is built around the concept of hydrogen location analytics, and is it’s designed from the ground up to give any company with hydrogen aspirations a clear competitive advantage, as they seek clarity on feedstock availability, offtake opportunities and the best location to maximize their hydrogen projects profitability. There is nothing out there on the market that truly solves those problems. Until now.

Over the last several years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to use develop and analyze the current software solutions in the energy market And I understand how to grow actionable intelligence from disparate data and help deliver strategic options to companies that need to deploy capital for hydrogen development. Our proprietary mapping and intelligence platform, combined with our hydrogen analysis, will create the roadmap for companies to confidently navigate the hydrogen economy. But what does this mean to you? Well, let’s say for instance, that you represent a hydrogen developer looking to grow your portfolio of electrolytic assets or a new hydrogen technology company wanting to begin demo and pilot projects. This platform would provide a global base to view the hydrogen landscape to determine the optimal location for development, as well as the existing infrastructure to power the project.

If additionality is a regulatory requirement for your company, this platform can highlight the best options for developing additional renewable power for your project. And so what this means is that with this software, you can analyze global energy and hydrogen trends and project development. While at the same time, you can dive down and review parcel by parcel which property works best for your project. Or let’s say you represent a company that’s been primarily involved with oil and gas, whether it’s upstream, midstream, downstream, or OFS, and you’re looking for opportunities to transition from traditional hydrocarbon processes, and more hydrogen focused derivatives like synthetic fuels. This platform would allow you to analyze your current asset portfolio to determine the location with the highest financial return potential, you can review geospatially what nearby offtake opportunities exist for either hydrogen or derivatives as well as other takeaway potential. And from there, you can review potential off taker opportunities, take away pathways and derivative potential.

And conversely, along those same lines, if you represent an industry wanting to decarbonize your process, this platform can show you the nearest source of hydrogen or those same derivatives to begin your decarbonisation goals. And lastly, let’s just say you represent a financial advisor guiding hydrogen organizations through their capital growth journey. This platform will allow you to review the current hydrogen landscape, know what the comps are to review, and determine the potential offtake opportunities and estimate derivative cash flows. And so with that being said, can I ask a favor to anyone listening? If this product sounds like it could benefit your company, please reach out to us at and let’s schedule a call to discuss your pain points.

You can also visit our website at where I’ve put up a short demo showcasing one use case. And one last thing. Please share this info with anyone you believe could benefit from The H2 Advantage. All right. That’s it for me, everyone. If you have a second, I would really appreciate it. If you could leave a good review on whatever platform it is that you listen to Apple podcast, Spotify, Google, YouTube, whatever it is, that will be a tremendous help to the show. And as always, if you ever have any feedback, you’re welcome to email me directly at

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